TO Food Fest 2013

For a second year in a row, TO Food Fest has returned to feature Toronto’s top gourmet restaurants. I was astounded at how popular this festival grew compared to last year. There were approximately 35 vendors serving their delicious creations, followed by hundreds of people lining up for food. The weather was perfect for an afternoon outdoor festival. Fortunately, half of the vendors were located inside the gymnasium where we escaped the heat.


I really enjoyed the different variety that TO Food Fest had to offer. There were savoury grilled and fried food located outside, while the desserts and sweets were inside. After touring around I could immediately identify what I wanted to try. We made our way inside to try a molecular gastronomy creation. It was a cola bomb topped with strawberry foam, dried broken caramel, chocolate dust and burnt pineapple gel. This dessert shot was very carefully made. The flavours complemented each other, while the cola had a very unique texture.


At Smashcake, we were fortunate to try the remaining S’mores flavoured frozen cheesecake sandwich. As soon as I bit into it, the cheesecake filling oozed out. The cookie had a crunchy and chewy texture, which was not overly sweet. You could taste the flavours very distinctly.

One of the savoury foods I tried was the Bacon on Bacon Slider by Bricks & Mortar. It was an allspice cured and ground porkbelly topped with bacon, smoked gouda and avocado crema. The smokey grill brought out the pork flavour as I stuffed myself with bacon goodness.


At Baha Tacos, the Fish Taco’s were made of the beer battered sole, picked cucumbers, Baja sauce and lime wedges. The fish was deep fried perfectly and the sauce was absolutely delicious. It was so good.


I finally got the chance to try Don Churro’s. The churros were made fresh in front of your eyes with your choice of chocolate or caramel sauce piped inside. Despite TO Foodfest being a hot day, the churros were absolutely tasty. 


Halfway throughout the festival, a few vendors were running out of food. I hope this show’s popularity increases and invite more vendors for the coming year. Overall, the organizers did a fantastic job of bringing the vendors together. The production was amazing, as hordes of different media constantly interviewed the team.  TO Food Fest is an annual food festival held at Markham Road and Sheppard at the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto.

We would like you to check out TO Food Fest for the coming year.



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