The County General

On a bright sunny afternoon, Jessica, myself and our friend Frankie went over to The County General. It’s located right on the corner of Queen Street West and Shaw in the trendy King West neighbourhood. As soon as we ventured inside, the wooden interior gave the place a rustic and homey feeling. The mason jars and checkered clothes placed on the tables added to the restaurant name. Overall, the atmosphere was easy going and you could tell locals frequented this spot. The patio consists only of a bar style table due to space but we didn’t mind since we were being surrounded in a pretty suburban Toronto environment.


Julia, the host, was incredibly friendly to us and made great conversation. We learned that The County General was famous for their take on a pizza pocket; and that fans of the dish constantly called in to check if the dish was still being served. We had to order it. This Hawaiian pizza pocket ($16) was no ordinary McCain pizza pocket you would get at your local grocery store. A delicious, thick, deep fried dough stuffed with ham, picked pineapple, oozing in cheddar, and topped with a fried egg on top. I wondered how one could possibly fit this monstrosity in their stomach. This pizza pocket was heavy, but flavourful.


The fries at The County General were on a whole other level. These were fried golden brown with a very crispy texture. They did not serve ketchup from a bottle, but it seemed that it was made entirely from scratch. The fresh tomato taste and tangy sweetness hinted that it was home-made. We unofficially agreed we would go here just for the fries.


We also wanted to try something entirely unique. We ordered the “Picked Tongue Croque Madame ($16)” which was tongue sandwiched with Salsa Veride, crispy onion, and horseradish mornay, with another fried egg on top. This seems to be a very common theme. The yellow egg yolk makes any dish more appetizing. Jessica and I did not like this dish as much, but Frankie enjoyed it. It’s a preference thing.


The last dish we tried was the “Fried Chicken Thigh Sandwich ($14).” This was also a menu favourite. Although the portion was on the smaller side, the buttermilk bun, with avocado chutney, coriander and green onion was a great combination. The chicken was moist and had the perfect crispiness to it. The light flavours from the avocado chutney complemented it well. This dish would make a great snack. It was accompanied by your choice of a leafy salad with pickled red onions or fries.


We would definitely like to come back again for the dinner menu. Brunch is served from 11am – 4pm. Relaxing weather, great company, good food. What more can you ask for.

The County General
936 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G9


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