Why You Should Incorporate Ginger Into Your Life

GingerI think most can agree with me when I say that ginger was not my favourite flavour growing up. I would do anything to avoid it. Make gaggy faces to my mom if she used it in her cooking, pick it out of every dish at the dinner table and disapproving the purchase at the grocery checkout. But my parents have always raved on about how great it is for you. Turns out, my parents were right. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to appreciate a hint of ginger in foods like soups and sauces. Everyone should try to incorporate ginger in their life and here are some of the many reasons why:

  1. Helps digestion: Ginger stimulates digestion by activating enzymes to efficiently release toxins and absorb the good nutrients you take in
  2. Increases blood circulation: Who cares about blood circulation? Everyone should! Proper circulation ensures that all your organs are healthy and that you have an optimal amount of energy to work through the day. It’s also important for glowing skin and fight off any bacteria that your skin comes in contact with (goodbye acne and rashes!). Ladies, healthy blood circulation also helps ease the pain during that time of the month.
  3. Boosts immune system and acts as an antioxidant: Ginger helps to break down any bad toxins or infections in the body so you stay free of nasty colds and flus
  4. Reduce inflammation: Inflammation can cause weak joints and immobility. Something we definitely want to avoid!

Try this “Detoxifying Ginger WaterBerry Smoothie” to help get you started with getting ginger into your diet!



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