9 Fast Tips For Baking Soft and Chewy Cookies

cookie-monsterIf you’ve baked as many cookies as we have, then you’ve had a taste of them all. Soft, crunchy, cakey cookies, you name it! At Richer Lusher, we’re a wee bit more appreciative of a soft and chewy cookie that melts in your mouth. After many trial and errors, we believe we’ve approached the finish line to achieving the perfect soft and chewy texture. Here are our 9 fast tips for baking your cookies juuusst right:

  1. Flour Use bread flour. The higher gluten content means chewiness from the inside out!
  2. Sugar Since moisture takes center stage when it comes to soft cookies, use brown sugar to replace half of the granulated white sugar in your recipe. Brown sugar contains molasses which is made up of 10% water.
  3. Size Always have an ice cream scooper handy when laying out dough on your baking tray. This ensures identical cookie sizes so nothing comes out over baked (in other words, dry). Another suggestion is to make your cookies big. More dough will retain moisture better than small scoops.
  4. Baking Time Take the recommended baking time and reduce it by 1-3 minutes. Your soft cookie will thank you.
  5. Butter If you’re using bread flour, use melted butter in your recipe. Melted butter extracts the gluten from your flour for optimal chewiness.
  6. Baking Soda Beware of cookie recipes that do not incorporate baking soda. This ingredient creates mini air bubbles to prevent a hard and dense texture.
  7. Eggs Egg whites can dry out a cookie. Egg yolks do the opposite. If the recipe calls for 2 eggs, it’s best to eliminate 1 egg white from your batch.
  8. Water Once your cookies are ready to be popped into the oven, give them a quick spray of water for moisture.
  9. Temperature Crank up the heat! Since softer cookies require a shorter baking time, a higher temperature will bake the outer cookie layer while leaving the insides gooey and soft.

Stay tuned! We’re sharing our take on the softest cowgirl cookie you’ll ever make! Mmm …


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