Aka Teppan

Aka-Teppan Last weekend, I visited Aka Teppan with my friends. Recently opened in First Markham Place, this restaurant offers a novelty dish very similar to Pepper Lunch in Hong Kong. Aka Teppan’s specialty is a sizzling hot plate, typically rice or noodles, accompanied with raw meat. I ordered the classic “Supreme Beef” Plate with an extra egg. The beef comes half-cooked and surrounds the rice and toppings in the shape of flower petals. They get extra points for presentation. You can add extra toppings such as green onions, corn, cheese, butter, and eggs to your dish. It was quite amusing to mix and combine the ingredients together on the sizzling plate. Be careful not to touch it when you cook your own food.

If you’re looking for a restaurant concept that offers a “new experience” you should make your way to Aka Teppan. The atmosphere is very lively and is usually jam packed with a lot of people. Warning, you may be subject to wait for at least 15 minutes for your table. Hopefully you’re lucky. I’ve also heard that the customer service is slow, but our food only took 20 minutes at most. Overall, I enjoyed my first Aka Teppan experience. For $8.99, the supreme beef dish was fairly priced, and I look forward to trying the pasta dishes. Enjoy!

Aka Teppan
3235 Highway 7
Markham, ON, L3R3P9


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