Made In China Hot Pot – Markham

hot pot 5 As we drove into the Commerce Gate plaza to get our weekly ChaTime fix, we noticed a new hot pot restaurant that had taken over the Love Getty arcade. It was empty but somehow, we found ourselves drawn to the high end decor that was once a run down hole in the wall establishment. We were in for a surprise!

For those of you unfamiliar with hot pot, it’s a traditional Chinese dining experience where one communal heated pot filled with flavoured broth is used to cook an assortment of thinly sliced meats, vegetables and meaty “cakes”. Granted, it doesn’t take a lot for a hot pot restaurant to be good since it’s self-cook (much like Korean BBQ). That’s why we were looking for the details that would set them apart. It’s all you can eat for $25.99 which is pretty steep compared to other locations BUT Made In China served fresh seafood which is never seen here in Canada. Freshly cut lobster (still moving!), salmon, oysters and clams was refreshing to see on the menu. What stood out to us as well was the amount of broth options they offered. Sugar cane, imperatae and semen coicis anyone?


There was also a “DIY” platter the servers brought to our table that allowed us to mix and match our favourite condiments to make our ultimate personalized sauce. Mine consisted of: XO sauce, minced garlic, green onions, red pepper paste and soy sauce. Fancy!

hot pot 2

We were ready for dessert (something that’s rarely served at hot pot establishments)! We opted for the fruit and sago pudding but other options included ice cream and jello.

Service was great but there was also no one in the restaurant so if they weren’t serving us properly then something would have been seriously wrong.

Would we come back again? Although we were impressed by the seafood, sauces, broth and service, the novelty wears off fast and the price point still remains at $25.99. If you have never tried hot pot and are looking for a great first experience, then visit this place! You won’t be disappointed.

hot pot 1

Made in China Hot Pot
Highway 7 & Commerce Valley Drive


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