The Crowd Comes Back for La Carnita

La Carnita

For a friend’s birthday we hit up La Carnita. The casual and hip establishment on College was buzzing at 5pm on a Saturday. That says a lot about a taco joint that’s been open since 2012. What makes these loyal taco noshers come back again and again? We think we know

  1. The Pollo Frito, In Cod We Trust, Beef Cheek Tacos
    These tacos are wrapped in a soft shell tortilla, tossed in with just the perfect amount of thoughtfully chosen vegetables and then topped with tongue-tingling sauce.Take for example, one of my favourites: the Beef Cheek. The meat is braised in Ancho (mild chili peppers) until just tender. Each topping has a purpose. The lime infused avocado, green cabbage, pickled jalapeno and crispy shallots all add proper Mexican flair.10361122_10152059025861711_1770621222_n
  1. Sharing is Caring  The dining atmosphere encourages sharing and grabbing your food from one plate. This experience almost always makes food taste better. Tacos are small so you can experience different flavours and gush about your favourite to fellow table mates.10339083_10152059025891711_1239439215_n
  1. They Breathe Cool  La Carnita embodies the young, non-chalent, cool crowd of Toronto streets. From the golden-era of hip hop playing in the background to the scribbled graffiti on the brick interior, there is no doubt that sitting on those long wooden benches will make you feel like the trendiest chap in town.lacarnita28to1(Photo taken from Pegaus Group)

Quick Facts

  • No reservations
  • I was full after sharing an appetizer, 3 tacos and splitting dessert
  • They charge extra for bringing birthday cake
  • If you look closely, the La Carnita skull hanging outside of the restaurant is composed of different taco ingredients

La Carnita
501 College St
Toronto, ON, Canada


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