Grazie Ristorante – Toronto


Italian food done right. I went to Grazie with a few friends last week for dinner. Guys, trust me when I say it’s the real deal. I have not had an Italian meal this good in such a long time. If you’re wondering what the picture above is, it is three scoops of sweet tiramisu.

Our server was very charismatic, and recommended me the Catrina, an aglio olio pasta made with spinach linguini, diced onions, chicken and pancetta. It did not disappoint at all.


My friends had the Amalia, spinach filled ravioli with prosciutto, green onions and asparagus.


The Brunello, Spaghetti with grilled sausage, broccoli, diced tomatoes & mushrooms.


The Avellino, Fettucini with prosciutto, spinach & a porcini mushroom butter.


I think the highlights of my meal had to be the pizza – it was not your typical oily or greasy pizza. The Giuseppe is the perfect appetizer. The crust was airy, fluffy and light. The tuna and salad on top of the pizza, although not normally what you would expect, worked really well.


We also had the mussels in a tomato broth. I tasted a hint of fennel that worked quite well with the dish.


For dessert, we tried their tiramisu and the chocolate flourless torte. Personally I enjoyed the tiramisu a lot more.



If you’re looking for great Italian food, Grazie is a gem located in the midtown area of Yonge and Eglington.

Grazie Ristorante – Toronto
2373 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON, Canada


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