Donburi: Japanese Curry and Bar Food Review




Donburi, an uptown Japanese restaurant, serves up their specialty rice bowls and bar food is sure to surprise your taste buds. With numerous izakayas that opened last year, Donburi’s bar menu is a real winner. Aside from traditional Japanese bar food such as yakitori (grilled meats on a stick), Donburi boasts a wallet-friendly array of a dish well-known in Osaka called “Kushikatsu” – which is usually fried meat or seafood on a stick. The fried eel on a stick was served with a sweet sauce and sesame seeds over a bed of cabbage.

A tasty recommendation by our waitress was the bacon wrapped quail egg or “Uzura Maki”. The egg was perfectly cooked, but the bacon could be a bit crispier. The curry chicken katsu, a staple, did not disappoint. Although the curry was very viscous, it had the traditional flavours of a good Japanese curry.

The highlight of the night were the Renkan Chips – the fried lotus root chips, the perfect bar snack. Kick back and relax at Donburi on a hot summer night with their Polar Bear Beer. You don’t need to trek all the way downtown to Guu or Kingyo to try it!


If you haven’t guessed, Donburi is Japanese for Rice Bowls.

505 Hwy 7 #93,
Thornhill, Ontario
L3T 7T1


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