Home Made Oven-Baked Protein Bars


My favourite protein bars are Clif Bars; more specifically the cool mint and the crunchy peanut butter. But I thought to myself, there has to be a better way to make a great tasting bar that is filled with more than just 10 grams of protein. Let the protein bar creation begin.

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Fluffy Buttermilk Waffles on Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day. To all those mothers out there, we thank you. You do have the hardest job in the world. For this years Mother’s Day, Jessica and I decided to make brunch. Today’s feature is a delicious fluffy buttermilk waffle. Perfect for a brunch or even a hangover really. We dressed the Waffles in Canadian Maple Syrup, bananas, strawberries and blackberries. Check out our past chicken and waffle sandwich post if you want to make a savoury waffle instead.

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Chocolate Orange Cookies: Soft and Chewy


I decided to make cookies yet again because they are so good and so simple. This time, I made a very soft and chewy chocolate orange cookie. I enjoyed the taste in particular mainly because the fresh orange zest adds big flavor. These are perfect for casual snacking. Hope you enjoy the recipe!

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Strawberry & Blackberry Pavlova with Grated Chocolate


I was inspired by Sorted Food, a British YouTube channel that makes online cooking videos, to make this Pavlova. I have to admit, it was a little difficult mainly because the meringue was not as stiff as it should be. So if you ever attempt meringue, here are some key tips and tricks. (1) Always use room temperate eggs, the meringue will not be stiff if your eggs are cold (2) You need to whisk at high speeds when you make meringue. Right now would be a great time to get that KitchenAid Mixer (3) As odd as this is, put in a little white vinegar to the meringue because it will make it shine.

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Sticky Honey Lemon Chicken Wings

Honey-Lemon-Chicken Honey Lemon Chicken Wings is a simple and tasty dish. You make everything in one pot. You get a fistful of flavours, the umami from the dark soy sauce, the sweet honey, the sour from the zesty lemon, and the earthy thyme. It’s time to step away from the grill or the deep fryer to try a new take on chicken wings. Serve with a side of herbed mashed potatoes for a hearty meal.

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Protein-Packed Tuna Salad (No Mayo!)


Lately I’ve been racking my brain around creative ways to pack more protein into my meals without eating chicken all the time. Did you know a can of light tuna contains a whopping 24g of protein?! I don’t know how many dishes you can make with canned tuna except tuna salad and I try to stay away from mayo based meals as much as I can. It was by chance that I recently came across the greatest mayo substitute (hello healthy egg and chicken salads!): flavoured greek yogurt dips. I picked up Summer Fresh Greek Yogurt Dips in “Jalapeno”. They’re gluten free, full of probiotics and doesn’t miss out on flavour.

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Healthy Balanced Breakfast


I was looking for a fast and easy  breakfast recipe for Jessica after loosing a poker bet with her the night before. In the end, I decided to make a paleo-friendly dish for Jessica by baking an egg inside an avocado, accompanied with an apple cucumber salad. For myself, I made a fried egg with mashed avocado sandwich.

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Super Soft Cowgirl Cookies

cookies-8In our last post, we shared tips and tricks on how to achieve super soft, melt in your mouth cookies. Here’s a great recipe that takes everyday ingredients right from your pantry! We tossed in pretzels, chocolate chips, nuts and granola bars to create a sweet and salty combination. The result? Let’s just say nothing but crumbs was left by the end of the day.

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9 Fast Tips For Baking Soft and Chewy Cookies

cookie-monsterIf you’ve baked as many cookies as we have, then you’ve had a taste of them all. Soft, crunchy, cakey cookies, you name it! At Richer Lusher, we’re a wee bit more appreciative of a soft and chewy cookie that melts in your mouth. After many trial and errors, we believe we’ve approached the finish line to achieving the perfect soft and chewy texture. Here are our 9 fast tips for baking your cookies juuusst right:

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Buttermilk Waffles w/ Bacon, Cheddar and Green Onion & Chicken and Waffle Sandwich


Happy 2014! In the last few weeks, Richer Lusher stuffed their stomachs until our hearts content. Today’s recipe comes from a spontaneous brunch party we held for our friends during the holidays. What better brunch food is there than savoury waffles? The twist: stirred in bacon, cheddar and green onion. Delicious and easy to serve to large parties! If you’re stomach is up for it (and trust me, it probably will be for this extra kick), why not make it a Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich with Maple Mustard Sauce? (Continue reading to see how we did it!)

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