Donburi: Japanese Curry and Bar Food Review




Donburi, an uptown Japanese restaurant, serves up their specialty rice bowls and bar food is sure to surprise your taste buds. With numerous izakayas that opened last year, Donburi’s bar menu is a real winner. Aside from traditional Japanese bar food such as yakitori (grilled meats on a stick), Donburi boasts a wallet-friendly array of a dish well-known in Osaka called “Kushikatsu” – which is usually fried meat or seafood on a stick. The fried eel on a stick was served with a sweet sauce and sesame seeds over a bed of cabbage.

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Vietnamese Cravings Sastisfied – Post Montreal Meal


After an awesome Montreal adventure, we returned home. I was craving Asian food, especially Vietnemese Pho. Kim Po, located on Leslie and Highway 7, also serves up delicious roti and curry. I prefer my roti to have layers of texture, this one in particular was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. As an appetizer, it came in a sizeable portion that is perfect for sharing. Another must have is the avocado fruit shake. It’s incredibly refreshing and highly addictive. The downside was that the avocado flavour was not as strong as I had liked.

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