Donburi: Japanese Curry and Bar Food Review




Donburi, an uptown Japanese restaurant, serves up their specialty rice bowls and bar food is sure to surprise your taste buds. With numerous izakayas that opened last year, Donburi’s bar menu is a real winner. Aside from traditional Japanese bar food such as yakitori (grilled meats on a stick), Donburi boasts a wallet-friendly array of a dish well-known in Osaka called “Kushikatsu” – which is usually fried meat or seafood on a stick. The fried eel on a stick was served with a sweet sauce and sesame seeds over a bed of cabbage.

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Weslodge: The Good and the Ugly

Last night a few girls of mine got together to celebrate a friend’s birthday at Weslodge. The experience can be described as a string of tidal waves. There were high and low points of the fare.

Venue: Upon entering the restaurant, you feel like you’ve become a part of a secret society. It’s a merger between cowboys and the modern city. Servers dressed in traditional saloon wear wait on suited businessmen. The dimly lit restaurant has their details all thought out, from the abstract tiles to mahogany and woody décor. We love how this place makes us feel.

Drinks: Weslodge takes their cocktails very seriously. Led by Elan Marks, the menu is creatively crafted with standouts like ‘The Streetcar’ and ‘La Floridita’. ‘The Devil In A Blue Dress’ tickled our tongue with flavours of sweet autumn and hints of smoky tobacco. Each story seems to have a story to tell from the savvy combination of ingredients. Elan Marks has crafted the cocktail programs at city hotspots such as Nyood, Kiltura, The Drake and Patria.

Food: Our party partook in the $55 prix fixe menu. It’s a shared concept so we were able to agree on what was a standout dish and what could have been taken off the menu together. We particularly enjoyed the scotch (quail) egg where pork is grinded in house and the yolk is runny. The sweet tomato jam and freshly shaved truffle also gave it an extra kick of flavor. We’re also fans of the green pea pesto toast with bufala cheese, truffle, pickled red onion and mint.


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